Gutter Systems

Everybody knows that the function of a rain gutter is to direct roof water runoff away from a building and it's foundation. A properly sized and installed gutter system keeps basements and crawl spaces dry, protects siding & windows from harmful backsplash, and prevents staining and rotting fascia.

Gutters are available in a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, copper, steel, vinyl and wood, in the following shapes: rounds, half-rounds, ogees, rectangles and K-profiles, with gutter channels of 4-, 5- and 6-inch spans and in more that 25 factory-finished colors.

Gutters may be either sectional or seamless. Sectional gutters are sold in pieces and are installed as component systems. A seamless gutter is a straight section that is fabricated or extruded in one continuous piece, on site.

For a durable, long lasting metal gutter system, a material thickness of 0.032 inches or greater is recommended.

Down spouts are usually metal or vinyl. They and their components (eg., brackets, straps, elbows) are also available in factory-finished colors that match the color of the gutters, as well as, bare aluminum, galvonized iron and copper.

Route 11 Roofing does not install or repair gutter systems. Instead, we use a local gutter company that has an excellent reputation. That company is: B& C Spears Gutter Co.

Our Gutter & Downspout Work

B & C Spears Gutter Co.

Spears Gutter Co. is known throughout the Northern Shen-andoah Valley for their sup-erior residential & commercial gutter & downspout work.

They install and repair all types of metal, seamless gutter systems, such as: aluminum, galvanized iron and copper, in K- and half-round styles, finished or unfinished.

All gutters are fabricated, on-site, and are installed using the hidden-hanger mounting method with screws to anchor the gutters.

B&C Spears Gutter Co. is licensed & insured and complies with Virginia building codes and the gutter industry installation standards & practices.

Contact Buddy or Carla Spears to arrange for a professional assessment and affordable solution to your gutter and downspout needs.

Their fax number is: (540) 535-0806


We do not receive any compensation from any business that we recommend nor vica-versa. We recommend them, because we know they do quality work and are reputable. In-turn, they refer work to us when they are asked if they can recommend a "good" roofing company, because they know the calibre of our work.